Equipment Repair Done Right


Equipment repair is always a concern in every aspect of the agricultural industry. At AgPoint Precision we repair and service everything we sell. Being the only supplier of the Count A Pak seed counter line puts us in the unique position of having all the knowledge, parts, and equipment to fix it right the first time, […]

For Perfection Choose Ohaus Scales

ScoutPro Digital Scale

Scales are a vital part of your operation and your scales need to be perfect. When there is no room for error, you need Ohaus scales. AgPoint Precision carries two of Ohaus’ finest. With a 5-year warranty, these scales surpass all expectations and deliver a long life of supreme accuracy. Weighing just 8 pounds, the Ohaus […]

Five Years Later: Moisture Testers are Key to Making Money


Five years ago, wrote of the importance of moisture testers in the ability of a farm to market high quality grain, corn and soybean crops. Moisture testers, the article stated, allow farmers greater control over the crops by preventing additional costs from over-drying, loss of quality from under-drying, and the ability to meet ethanol […]

A Note from the Grain and Seed Industry: Southern Rust is on the Move


We all know the dark big spots of the Common Rust.  It is a fungus that produces spore-filled pustules on corn leaves.  The grain and seed industry offers many different corn hybrids that are fairly resistant to this decease.  But now reports emerged about Southern Rust being spotted as far north as Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, […]