Have a Positive Reputation, Use Grain Probes

If you think about it, would you purchase a truckload of fruit without knowing about the fruit in the middle and at the bottom? Of course not! That is why most of us turn over the clear strawberry containers in the grocery store. We want to know about the fruit at the bottom.

It is the same for grain. If you are wanting to sell a large amount of grain, you want to be able to prove the grain in the middle and close to the bottom is the same high grade as that on the top. You want the reputation of selling grain that is high quality throughout.

You could let the customer test the grain, or  you can be proactive and use high quality grain probes. Customers will be impressed that you can show them the high quality of each probe, and where you probed in the truckload of grain. Have a grid showing where you inserted each probe and that it sampled more than the surface. That way when you combine the samples to form a single sample, the customer knows the sample is representative of all the grain.

In your marketing, you could include how you sample your grain. When you are up front with that, then customers will be impressed. You may  also want to include the type of grain probe you use and the company where you purchased the probe. That will further increase your positive reputation.

Wondering where to get a high quality grain probe and how to best use it? Just contact us. We would be glad to help.


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