Five Years Later: Moisture Testers are Key to Making Money

Five years ago, wrote of the importance of moisture testers in the ability of a farm to market high quality grain, corn and soybean crops. Moisture testers, the article stated, allow farmers greater control over the crops by preventing additional costs from over-drying, loss of quality from under-drying, and the ability to meet ethanol industry requirements.

The article encouraged those using moisture testers to be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual, particularly regarding compensation methods for hot and cold temperatures. In recent years, moisture testers — including the Dickey-John GAC2500UGMA — have been developed with built-in compensation features that take the guesswork out of temperature fluctuations. Other new technologies that have come about since the article was written include enhanced data storage and share processing and reduced analysis time.

While technology is surging forward, some things remain the same. One of those things is that the right amount of moisture is key to the quality of your crop. AgPoint Precision is a manufacturer and distributor of the testing and grading equipment that is vital to the grain, feed and seed industries. We currently offer seven different moisture testers, including portable and bench models. If you’re unsure as to what moisture tester would work best in your situation, ask us. We’d be glad to advise you.

In addition, we provide repair services on a number of scale, moisture tester and grading lines. We have decades of experience with this type of equipment and with customer service. For more information on the products and services we have available and how we can help you control the quality of your crops, contact us.


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