Equipment Repair Done Right

Equipment repair is always a concern in every aspect of the agricultural industry. At AgPoint Precision we repair and service everything we sell. Being the only supplier of the Count A Pak seed counter line puts us in the unique position of having all the knowledge, parts, and equipment to fix it right the first time, every time. Seed research and production facilities worldwide depend on us to keep their equipment running to the best of its abilities. We also manufacture many of the products we sell, giving us the edge of knowing the equipment inside and out.

We go beyond the Count A Pak line to repair many other makes of moisture testers and grading equipment and have instant access to all factory set standards and all components to keep your equipment running like new. We pride ourselves on taking center stage in fast affordable repairs.

Our personnel have decades of combined experience at their disposal. Because of this, not only do our customers rely on us to keep their equipment in sound shape, we also offer information and training for local maintenance and troubleshooting. Customers know they can count on us to supply them with top of the line equipment and the knowledge as well as the experience to keep their business moving.

If you have any equipment repair needs, or if you’d like to take advantage of our vast product knowledge to learn how to maintain things yourself, contact us today. You will certainly find that we offer top grade service and support.


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