Soil Samplers Help Increase Your Yield

We recently heard a story from a family who had just purchased a new home. They had a great spot in the back of the yard for a garden and were dreaming of having their own vegetables. They researched, and planted the seeds. They were faithful to water the garden and felt lucky very few weeds grew. However, no vegetables grew either. After talking with a local co-op, they found out the ground had been sterilized and also did not have nutrients to sustain a garden. They were sad, but it was fixable, and not very costly since it was a small piece of ground.

Imagine if that were a field where you wanted to plant corn. Imagine that you got a good deal on this field, but failed to get the soil sampled. That would be a tragedy! So, before you purchase, use Soil Samplers to be sure of what you are getting.

You might be thinking “duh.” Everyone tests the soil before purchasing. Probably. But what about annual testing so you are sure you will get the best yield? Soil sampling is one of the easiest ways to increase your yield so you can add the right amount of lime, fertilizer, or other nutrients. It isn’t a difficult process, as you just need to take some soil cores and have them tested. So, for an inexpensive investment in quality soil samplers, you can increase your yield or protect yourself from purchasing a bad piece of land.

Wondering how to find a quality soil sampler? Just contact us and we can help.


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