Is Camelina The Rising Star Of The Grain And Seed Industry?

It is a farmer’s dream to grow two crops in one field at the same time.  Utopia?  Not really.  A 24-acre test plot in Minnesota is the place of this experiment where Camelina and soybeans were planted in the same field.  If it works out then the grain and seed industry will have a new […]

Scales: What Do you Need?

With multiple types and models of scales to choose from, what scales should you own? You need to have a platform scale, which is good for things that can sit on a platform without moving. The airlines are the best-known example of using a platform scale. When you check your luggage, you put it on the […]

Improve Your Harvests by Using Soil Samplers

Soil sampling is an important procedure that you, as a farmer should perform to ensure that your soil is healthy and ready for the planting season. Many are the times that most farmers get excited to start planting during spring, and forget to consider the conditions of the soil. Soil samplers are quality equipment that […]

Ag Point Precision Carries a Grain Sample Probe for Every Need

When you’re in the market for the highest quality grain sample probe, look no further than Ag Point Precision. We carry Seedburo, makers of the very best probes on the market, so you can rest assured that each and every sample you take will produce the most accurate results possible. All grain inspectors and the U.S. […]

Moisture Testers for Oats Moisture Content

Moisture Content Tester for Oats

As a consciences farmer you think always a step ahead of the work you are just doing.  If now is the time to spray the fields, it is also time to think what all you have to prepare for harvest time.  To be prepared at the time when the combines roll out into the fields […]

Use a Grain Sampler to Minimize Your Post-Harvest Loss

After you spent so many hours planting your crop in the fields, spraying them and hoping for good weather so your investment will grow, you want to make sure you don’t lose your harvest because it was stored with too much moisture content. Post-harvest losses are costly and in many instances they can be prevented.  […]

Tips On Taking Soil Samples

Soil Samplers

Advances in science have enabled us to get bigger yields from our crops. Every year before any planting can be done soil samplers should be taken to make sure you are using the right fertilizers and the right strategy to get the most yields per acre as possible. Knowing complete information on your soil’s composition will allow […]

Select the right silage moisture tester


Selecting the right silage moisture tester is not a job to be taken lightly. Many important factors ride on the accuracy of your tester. Harvest optimization can only be peaked if crops are harvested at the right stage of maturity and stored at the proper moisture content. Too much moisture promotes the growth of fungi. Excess moisture […]