Tips On Taking Soil Samples

Soil Samplers

Advances in science have enabled us to get bigger yields from our crops. Every year before any planting can be done soil samplers should be taken to make sure you are using the right fertilizers and the right strategy to get the most yields per acre as possible.

Knowing complete information on your soil’s composition will allow you to judge the best way to fertilize your fields.  This in turn will reduce your costs and environmental damage that results from over fertilizing. The best time to sample is right before you plan to start seeding your fields in the fall or spring. Also very heavy rainfall or very dry conditions can affect your readings, especially your nitrate results, so try to sample during moderate moisture conditions.

Our equipment allows you to take many identical and consistent samples to plan out your fertilization strategy. If you plan on planting any new crops or had a poor yield previously, soil sampling is the cheapest way to get better yields the next season. The more uniform your samples, the more you can be confident that the samples represent a fair average and will give you an accurate picture of your field.

If there are places that tend to consistently be trouble areas, don’t use them for your sampling; it will change your average findings and not help you figure out the best plan of action. Instead try a uniform approach to your sampling so you can get the most yields for your time and money. Contact Us for any questions about our equipment. We work to make sure your needs are meet.


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