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Selecting the right silage moisture tester is not a job to be taken lightly. Many important factors ride on the accuracy of your tester. Harvest optimization can only be peaked if crops are harvested at the right stage of maturity and stored at the proper moisture content. Too much moisture promotes the growth of fungi. Excess moisture also causes drain off which takes valuable nutrients with it.

Storage combustion is a farmer’s nightmare. Forage stored with extra moisture is liable to combust, thus destroying the crop and most often, the storage building as well. Crop fermentation, necessary for ensiling, will not occur if levels are too high or too low. With the knowledge of how  much moisture content your crop has, you can balance, mix, and feed correct amounts allowing your animals to fatten to their potential or give the highest amount of milk.

Moisture content determines the true value of grains and silage. In order to buy or sell crops fairly, you must know the moisture content. Our moisture testers help farmers gain a necessary amount of control over their own crops and any they are considering buying. Silage moisture testers have  become a must for any farm or crop dealer in no time at all.

So stop losing crop value, time and money. Gain that all important level of crop control, contact us and let us make your job a whole lot easier with the most accurate silage moisture testers available today. The success of your livelihood is our business.


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