Ag Point Precision Carries a Grain Sample Probe for Every Need

When you’re in the market for the highest quality grain sample probe, look no further than Ag Point Precision. We carry Seedburo, makers of the very best probes on the market, so you can rest assured that each and every sample you take will produce the most accurate results possible.

All grain inspectors and the U.S. Dept of Agriculture use grain probes, so when you want the same accuracy as the government, then simply pick the right probe. With three different samplers to choose from, Seedburo gives you the flexibility and accuracy you demand. To up your standards a little more, take samples from four or five spots in the load. Seedburo builds their probes from heavy gauge aluminum and brass to ensure you a lifetime of accuracy.

To best suit your needs, Seedburo offers partitioned and non-partitioned probes. Open ended, non-partitioned probes are very popular with grain elevator operators to sample loads still on the truck. Once you’ve taken your sample, simply turn the probe upside down and dump the grain out the handle.

Starting with an opening at the bottom, the holes in a spiral probe rotate around the shaft gradually for the full length of the probe. This allows you to get a fair amount of grain off the bottom as well as the top giving you a more even sample of the whole load. Spiral grain probes are most effective in cases where foreign material is likely to be heaviest at the bottom.

We believe in supplying hard working farmers with the very best equipment on the market. When you’re looking for top quality products contact us and see our long list of products.


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