Scales: What Do you Need?

With multiple types and models of scales to choose from, what scales should you own?

You need to have a platform scale, which is good for things that can sit on a platform without moving. The airlines are the best-known example of using a platform scale. When you check your luggage, you put it on the scale. This helps ensure there isn’t too much weight for the airplane. There are smaller platform scales for weighing smaller objects and you can find platform scales on our website.

But what if you wanted to weigh an object that doesn’t sit still on a platform scale? You would want a Triple Beam scale since it has a type of bowl for objects to be in while being weighed.

For example: If you are in an agricultural business where you need to weigh different seeds for packaging, consider a Triple Beam scale. Let’s say your business sells different types of seeds and you want to know the total weight for 6 seeds. You could try and get the items to stay on a platform scale, or you could put all the items together in the bowl on the scale. You can easily obtain the total weight of the items instead of weighing them separately and adding the weights. You will obtain a more accurate weight for packaging and shipping.

How do you choose the right scale for your job?

First, determine the uses for the scale so you can purchase one to weigh as little or as much as you want.

Second, always purchase from a reliable manufacturer. You want a scale that is reliable and will last you for several years.

Third, decide what “extras” you want. Do you want to be able to change from pounds to kilograms? Do you want to use the scale both indoors and outdoors? Determining the measurements in advance will help you be an informed consumer.

Think through those decisions, or just contact us and we will gladly assist you in determining the perfect scale for the job or jobs you have.


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