Five Years Later: Moisture Testers are Key to Making Money

Five years ago, wrote of the importance of moisture testers in the ability of a farm to market high quality grain, corn and soybean crops. Moisture testers, the article stated, allow farmers greater control over the crops by preventing additional costs from over-drying, loss of quality from under-drying, and the ability to meet ethanol […]

Moisture Testers for Oats Moisture Content

Moisture Content Tester for Oats

As a consciences farmer you think always a step ahead of the work you are just doing.  If now is the time to spray the fields, it is also time to think what all you have to prepare for harvest time.  To be prepared at the time when the combines roll out into the fields […]

Use a Grain Sampler to Minimize Your Post-Harvest Loss

After you spent so many hours planting your crop in the fields, spraying them and hoping for good weather so your investment will grow, you want to make sure you don’t lose your harvest because it was stored with too much moisture content. Post-harvest losses are costly and in many instances they can be prevented.  […]

Select the right silage moisture tester


Selecting the right silage moisture tester is not a job to be taken lightly. Many important factors ride on the accuracy of your tester. Harvest optimization can only be peaked if crops are harvested at the right stage of maturity and stored at the proper moisture content. Too much moisture promotes the growth of fungi. Excess moisture […]

Ensuring Accurate Calibration of your Moisture Tester

Moisture Testers

Moisture testing is of critical importance in the harvest, storage and trading of grain. Inaccurate moisture readings can lead to spoilage if the grain is too wet for storage. Grain that is sold too wet can also lead to moisture shrinkage as well as extra cost for drying. All of this can lead to decreased profitability. If […]

Use a Hay Probe to Ensure Safe Storage

Use a Hay Probe to Ensure Safe Storage

Cutting and baling hay for storage or sale is a messy, rough, and time consuming process.  At the mercy of Mother Nature we are sometimes pressured into putting hay up a little moister than usual, but beware, there are many dangers associated with overly damp hay and forage. The storage of wet hay is the […]

Moisture Testers: Helping You Find the Right Balance

When it comes to moisture and grain, you have to find the right balance. You don’t want it to have too much, and you don’t want it to have too little. You want it to have just the right amount, and a portable moisture tester is perfect for helping you do that. But just using a tester […]

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