All of our grain testing and seed packing customers should have the equipment they can trust. We assist customers in repairing old equipment and reselling it to others in the industry, and we also offer the tools that will aid their business in grain testing the most. We perform prompt, economical repairs to ensure you can work with industry-leading equipment. In fact, our mission is to repair everything we sell.

Anyone can benefit from using like-new equipment to gather data and sample grain, which is why we make sure all equipment is in excellent working condition before sending it your way.


AgPoint Precision will take in your equipment, refurbish it prior to selling, and provide you with new tools or cash. It is that easy.

When retrieving used agricultural equipment, we look for leading names, such as Dickey John and Seedburo. Over the years, we have found that we mostly take in moisture testers and grain scales from trade-ins. Moisture testers are essential for knowing the test weight and moisture content in grain. On the same hand, grain scales measure density.

Trade-in your equipment today.

Used Grain Equipment

We also offer used grain equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry. What sets us apart is that we are the chosen suppliers of Seedburo products, and we are a Dickey John ASC. While many of the tools we carry have been used for years, they have been trusted to collect precise measurements. You can depend on us to supply you with used agricultural equipment that exceeds standards. If you know you want excellent tools to inspect and test grain, we are your go-to source.

Invest in used grain equipment from AGPoint Precision and collect data quickly and accurately.

No matter your needs, we are always available to help. We will fix the equipment you provide us with and supply it to those who need it in the grain, feed, and seed industries.

We currently have refurbished Model 801 Seed Counters, Model 9000AG Grain Scales, GAC2500UGMA’s and GAC2500AGRI’s. All units come with a one year warranty. Call for more information and to receive a quote.

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