Dickey-John GAC2500UGMA

Dickey-john’s GAC2500UGMA is the next generation of grain moisture testers. Utilizing the newest technology (149 MHz) to provide NTEP certified results and educing the number of grain calibrations required to deliver precise moisture results. Approved for use in all commercial, legal for trade, applications in the United States for all the major grains in the NTEP review and more.

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USDA-GIPSA approved
Accommodates special calibrations for specialty crops such as walnuts, almonds and coffee.
Reduces analysis time using a quick, easy to use touch screen, improved data storage and share processing.

All of the features of the required of NTEP moisture testers are included, such as built-in hopper sensors which sense when enough grain is present for testing, automatic dump feature, flow through design, automatic test weight measurement and display. The infrared temperature compensation extends the traditional limited range of sample temperature above freezing, allowing the samples to be tested accurately with repeatable measurement in some of the coldest regions. Currently available only in the North American market. [/box]

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Dimensions 21 × 19 × 19 in

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