The Seedburo Model 9000AG Computer Grain Scale is manufactured and tested to meet NTEP requirements and includes a blue triangular plastic sample pan.  The 9000AG is a rugged stainless steel scale with the latest microprocessor and load cell scale technology. The 9000AG scale can weigh a maximum of 2,000 grams.  The resolution is 10,000 divisions; therefore, the smallest increment is .2 grams.

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The Seedburo Model 9000AG Computer Grain Scale is the next generation in grading scales. Seedburo Grain Scales are used worldwide. This scale is capable of providing the user with dockage (foreign material) percentage, test weight results in pounds per bushel or kilograms per hectoliter and gram weight. All functions are accessed by individual push buttons. Ruggedly built, with time-proven technology the 9000AG is easy to use. Built-in memory function allows a sample to be stored and recalled for easy calculation of percentages.

Additional features allow for set-up procedures of standard or reciprocal percentage modes, cup selection (quart, pint or liter), active/frozen percent and test weight selection and many other internal scale functions. The 9000AG is designed to meet NTEP requirements and is provided with a No. 64BP blue triangular plastic sample pan. The 9000AG also has RS232C interface capabilities that allow for computer or printer connection. The Scale is available in 115V, 50/60Hz or 230V, 50/60Hz.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 14 in
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