AgPoint Precision is a manufacturer, distributor and service center for testing and grading equipment for the grain, feed and seed industries. AgPoint Precision developed from the need to provide local repair and service but also to continue with the manufacturing of key products needed to meet customer demands. Our small staff have decades of experience in the Seed Counter and Moisture Tester lines.

Full Service Repairs

Manufacture: AgPoint is the sole supplier of the Count A Pak seed counter line for the Seedburo Equipment Company. This product has become the mainstay in the seed research and seed production facilities worldwide. AgPoint is also the manufacturer of the Seedburo Model 1200 series of grain moisture tester. This digital variation from the time tested “Motomco” style of moisture meter is now available in specific versions for Canada and Spanish language customers in addition to maintaining worldwide recognition.

Repair: AgPoint provides repair services on not only the Count A Pak seed counter line and the Seedburo Model 1200 series, but many other scales, moisture tester and grading equipment lines. With the advantage of access to factory components and reference standards, AgPoint is the focal point of prompt and economical repairs.

Service: The AgPoint personnel offer decades of service experience. Not only do our customers rely on us to maintain their equipment in sound order, but we offer the information and training on proper local maintenance and troubleshooting. We pride ourselves in offering the customer a quality, state of the art equipment and the knowledge and experience to support their ongoing equipment needs.

Supply: AgPoint is the supplier of grain, feed and seed sampling, testing, inspection and grading equipment for the rancher and producer. The equipment needed by producers to determine their own quality with the same equipment used for evaluation by their buyer. Measurements that use the same methods and equipment will yield the same results, therefore minimizing costly errors in harvest, storage or transportation of agricultural products.

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