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When you want the very best in sampler probes go to AgPoint Precision. We carry everything you’ll need to get those precious samples right the first time. Seedburo makes the best probes on the market, that’s why we carry them.

Grain probes are used by all grain inspectors and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. If you want the same accuracy in your grain samples as the U.S. government, you have to start with the right grain probe. Seedburo has three to choose from. To further ensure accuracy, samples should be taken from four or five different places throughout the load. Seedburo probes are sometimes used for plastics and meet all USDA standards. Built from heavy gauge brass or aluminium tubing, these samplers are durable.

Seedburo offers partitioned and nonpartitioned probes to better fit your needs. The nonpartitioned open ended probes are greatly preferred by grain elevator operators for collecting samples from trucks. Once the sample is taken, the probe is turned upside down and the grain dumped out the handle.

The holes in spiral grain probes rotate around, opening at the bottom, then in gradual steps to the top. The reason for this is to allow you to get a fair portion of grain from the bottom of the load as well as the top. Spiral grain probes work best where foreign material is apt to be heaviest at the bottom of the truck.

When you need top of the line probes, contact us and check out our superb quality samplers.


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